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Custom Glass Cutting Board - 1 pcs

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These high-quality tempered glass cutting boards accept photo images with an incredible color and clarity you have to see to believe. Great for a mother or grandma, a cutting board with their kids will surely be a prized possession for years in their kitchen.

Tempered glass
Dishwasher safe
Full-color imagery
Fully customizable
Textured surface with rounded corners
Rubber feet optional

Step 1: Choose your image.

When choosing an image please keep in mind that a good image will produce a good cutting board and a bad image will produce a bad one.

To have optimal quality the original image should have a 300ppi (pixels per inch) resolution.

We accept most image formats including JPEG and PNG formats. If the file size is approximately one megabyte (1MB) it should reproduce fine. Images from the internet are low resolution and will be blurry or distorted. Images will be edited to fit the size tile(s) ordered. Do not use photos with watermarks in them.

Step 2: Send us your image via email:

Step 3: Receive your finished product and enjoy.