Q, When will my order ship?

A. We typically process orders within 24-48 hours.  We currently ship both FedEx and USPS, depending on how fast we can get you your order.  


Q. What is the difference between cellophane and polypropylene?

A. Many people get these two materials confused.  They are often used for favors, gifts, etc.  Here is a brief overview of both:

  • CELLOPHANE was invented by Jacques E. Brandenberger in 1900.  It is a thin transparent sheet made of regenerated cellulose (from plants).  Its a breathable and biodegradable product, which makes it great for food. However, a short term storage as it is breathable and will allow your product to age faster.  Its low permeability to air, oils, greases, bacteria and water makes it useful for food packaging.
  • POLYPROPYLENE is a non-breathable non-biodegradable plastics.  It is a thermoplastic polymer derived from crude oil.  Its used to make plastics products such as wrap for food, fiber for carpet, ropes and clothing. It tends to keep food products fresher for longer periods of time.  It is a cheaper material. It is usually stronger than cellophane but must be zipper sealed, taped or heat sealed shut.


Q. Can I buy just one fashion item and get the bulk discount?

A. No, you must buy the minimum listed to get the bulk pricing discount.  We are giving you wholesale pricing, with low minimums. Typically wholesale I purchased in a gross (144 items) of each item.